Snorkeltrip Tugboat and directors bay

Tugboat and directors bay

Join us on our snorkel trip to the east side of the island, Banda Riba. Our first stop will be at the well-known spot Tugboat. This site is named after the small ship wreck on the bottom which sits around 5 meters/15 feet. The shallow depth means it’s perfect for snorkeling. The tugboat has been sunk for around 20 years, giving it plenty of time to grow a plethora of diverse corals and sponges. At this aquarium like site you will find many species of fish from snappers to butterfly fish. From the perfect depth to beautiful marine life, Tugboat is the perfect spot to start of a day your day!

Our second snorkel spot will be at the beach Director’s Bay. This is the former private beach of the director of Shell and, later on, of the king and queen of Holland. What makes this site so special is not only the diverse marine life, or the beautiful surroundings, but that the reef is so close to the surface. Director’s Bay is home to a coral nursery where the Coral Restoration Project has planted young corals with the goal of making Curacao’s reefs healthier.

Prices: 60,- USD or 105,0- Naf PP
Min 4 pers
Duration 9:30 to 16:00
Incl rental equipment.