Open Water Course

The open Water Course

The Open Water Course is the first course on your journey as a certified diver and your ticket into the diving community! The three day course consists of 6 dives that each take about 2 hours. The groups will never be bigger than 4 people to ensure safety and fun for you!

De Open Water Cursus

How does it work?

The Open Water course consists of both a practical and theoretical part.

The practical part consists of 6 dives, 2 confined sessions and 4 open water dives. During each dive you will learn different skills to make you a responsible diver. Each dive will end with a small tour of the reef.

The theoretical part consists of 5 knowledge development segments, including quizzes and a final exam.

If you pass the two components, you will receive your Open Water Diver certification and are allowed to dive down to 18 meters.


Open Water Course
USD 400 - NAF 700
We go 6x in to the water 4 dives and 2 skill sesions