Lionfish Hunting

Invasive Lionfish Tracker / Lionfish Hunting Specialty

The hunting season is open … Discover your primitive instinct with the Lionfish Hunting Specialty Course!

The lionfish, native to the Pacific, is an invasive species in the Caribbean that is hurting our reefs. Because the lionfish has no natural predators here, humans hunting them is the only way to keep the population under control. During this course we will teach you how to use a spear, treat stings, and the rules of hunting. Afterwards you will learn how to clean and fillet the fish, and even have the option to put them on the barbeque!! (extra cost 25 NAF or 15 USD)
What do you need:
– A certification as PADI or SSI Advanced Open Water Diver (or a similar other dive organization);
– Minimum age of 15 years old;
– And a good physical condition.

The course lasts for a day and includes two dives, the theory book and the diving equipment.


Lionfish Hunting Specialty
USD 149
1 day 2 dives