Intro dive

The introductiondive

Have you never dived before but you’ve always wanted to try it? An introduction dive is the perfect opportunity for you to experience diving yourself. The instructors at Porto Mari Sports will explain everything you need to know clearly and in a relaxing atmosphere to give you the best and most fun experience possible. Playa Porto Mari is the ideal location for the beginner diver with a beautiful shallow reef and calm waters. Are you medically allowed for the introduction dive? Click Here

How does it work?

During an intro dive you will be able to experience the reef to a max depth of 12 meters. At Porto Mari Sports we like to keep the groups small so you will dive with a maximum of 4 people. It begins with a briefing about the basics of diving and explanation of skills you will do. These skills are then completed in shallow, calm water where you start your dive. Safety, comfort, and fun are the most important aspects of diving which is why we make sure to do everything in a relaxed atmosphere. Did you love your first time diving? This dive can count toward an Open Water certification!


Intro Duik
83 USD - 145 NAF
Tijd: 1,5 - 2 Uur