Playa Porto Mari features a really impressive double reef and is ideal for beginner divers as well for advanced divers.

The first reef starts close tot the beach and appears 5 meters behind the raft (see the map below). Between the first and second reef there is a sand and on the outside of the second reef it runs straight into the depth. Their are enough ways for every type of diver. The area is big enough to make more than one dive and to discover everything of the reef. There are lots of different kinds of fish and coral. We regularly meet with a spotted eagle ray or a beautiful turtle.

For the discovers their is also a lot to find. With a little luck you can find a seahorse or a frog fish.
Our coral is sundry, looks very healthy and might be the most colorful of Curacao.
With an average temperature of 28 degrees their is no possibility of being cold. The water is always bright and their is no current. With always a save area on our beach you are guaranteed of a colorful and fun dive!

We wish you a warm welcome to our beautiful scuba location. Playa Porto Mari has all the comforts you need to make diving as easy as possible. Rinse tanks are available and there are toilette's and shower facilities. You always have the option to build your scuba gear as comfortable as possible. If you are hungry after diving you can go to the restaurant for a lunch or maybe to drink something

Porto Mari Map

portomari riff