Meet the crew of porto mari sports, They are ready to give you the best experience underwater and above.



I am Corinda and I started diving in 2011. In places like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Australia. After two years working as a divemaster in Australia and Malaysia, I decided to become an instructor. Besides teaching, I find macro diving and underwater photography the best thing to do!
Come along and maybe we will dive together!

Languages: Dutch, English


Hello I’m Joeri. I became a instructor in 2015. Since than I’m not turning away from the water. What I like the most about diving is hunting for lionfish. Come and join me to catch this invasive species.

languages: Dutch, English, German


Hi I’m Sander, I have been a divemaster for 2 years.
I’m enjoying the life on the island especially underwater.
So come and see why.

languages: Dutch and English


Hello I am Geert.

I do my Divemaster internship at Porto Mari sports, to become the best Divemaster of Curacao. Before I lived in the Netherlands and since January moved to curacao because I love this beautiful island. I hope to dive with you soon.