PortoMari Sports Curaçao







With your feet in the sand learning the theory behind your first diving lesson, together with your buddy planning a multi-level dive, or participating in a night dive....you can do it all. Our diving school is built on the beach nearby one of the most beautiful underwaterspots of Curaçao. It's ideal for beginners and advanced because of the unique double reef. The reef starts at a depth of six meters but also has the opportunity to do deep dives. With the average water temperature of 28 degrees, splendid views, no current, beautiful coral and lots of fish, you can be sure to have a great dive.

Our diving school provides lessons up to a maximum of four persons so that you can be sure to get the attention you need and deserve from the instructors. We can also provide private lessons if you want, take an introduction dive, or take a course up to divemaster level. We also provide the opportunity to learn specialties like navigation, wreckdives, deep dives and multi-level diving. Even for an event such as Coral Spawning our diving school is the place to be.

Having fun is important but safety comes first!! In the event that something goes wrong, we can give first aid because our staff is Medic First Aid trained, and we have the facilities to help out. On Curaçao the Sint Elisabeth Hospital has a decompression tank.